Sometimes, in the middle of an ordinary life, a fairytale happens.

Meet Lizzielizzie…a fifty-something non-surfer married to a hunky surf addict in an internationally famous surf town on the beautiful Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Home to the famous point break that surfers from around the world gather to ride the second longest left in the world. (You’re getting the whole emphasis on the fact that surfing is a way of life here, yes?) A raw and picturesque place where the jungle meets the ocean, breathtaking views, living side by side with wildlife and not a paved road for miles. Sounds like paradise, right? Most of the time it is, but sometimes I look around at my unconventional life and wonder what the hell have I done?

So who am I? I’m an ordinary gal living in an extraordinary environment…but I can’t surf. So through trial and error, fits of doubt, and a fair amount of soul searching, I have manged to fill my life with many varied adventures and challenges . I am sarcastic, opinionated, politically incorrect and have a rather warped sense of humor. Lucky for me laughing in the face of ridiculous circumstances and focusing on the lighter side has always come easy to me. Call it a coping mechanism, an overly optimistic view of reality, or just plain insanity…down here it’s a necessary survival skill.

These are all true stories from my life before jumping off this cliff and of the adventures I’ve had since. Stories I hope you’ll find funny, poignant, triumphant and at times tragic. Here I am bearing my soul, venturing into the world of blogging, saying exactly what’s on my mind and with any luck, entertaining those who continue to ask me, “What do you do all day?”

I am on a quest to find the the meaning in my life, fill it more often with laughter, less often with tears, and ultimately some sense of purpose and accomplishment…because after all, Lizzie can’t surf.