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My journey…jumping off the cliff and landing in paradise.

Scams and Sweet Karma 0

Scams and Sweet Karma

For those of you who are familiar with my last post, Going Dark, I’m pretty sure I’m being punished for even thinking about turning my back on technology for a vacation from any and...

Going Dark 2

Going Dark

I think that’s the right term, when you unplug from all devices and step out from the fog of technology and into real life. Now I realize that I’m retired and living in a...


Jungle Gym

Now that I have my 54th birthday firmly under my belt I have decided to attempt the impossible. I have embarked on a “get in shape and maybe lose a couple pounds” plan. Unheard...


Pura Vida, Dura Vida Part two

  If you’ve made it through part one, what I’ve identified as some of the Dura Vida (hard life) here in Costa Rica, and are anxious to know why anyone would pack up and...