My plate is full.

Along the lines of my last post regarding farm living and the unfortunate (for him) demise of our pig, here’s a sample of the lighter side of our farm.

Along with that pork roast it’s a good idea to serve something light like a salad. Well it just so happens that my greenhouse runneth over and I’m the lucky lady who gets to enjoys all this bounty. Spicy arugula, Malabar spinach, bok choy, a variety of lettuce leaves are all winding up on my dinner plate tonight. I’ll top it all off with a lemon and dill dressing from the herb garden and orchard.

And just to balance things off with a little something sweet…no, I’m not churning my own ice cream…I am waiting patiently for the chance to mix up some banana, blackberry and guanĂ¡bana smoothies.

I’m a long way from the suburbs of southern California and I may not have access to a convenient supermarket or (sigh) Trader Joe’s, but the next best thing? Grow yer own!!

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