You know you’re living the farm life when…

I wake up this morning to my husband sharpening knives and washing out the cooler. After a moment of puzzlement I remember that today he will be slaughtering the pig. He leaves me sipping my morning coffe on the patio and within a few minutes I hear the tell-tale sounds of distant squealing. And then the sqealing stops…abruptly… It bothers me somewhat but I am a worldly gal and I know exactly where that plate of bacon comes from. It doesn’t stop me from eating it because, well, it’s bacon for cryin out loud!

The next few hours have me doing some light house cleaning, boiling pork bones to make dog food and doing the laundry. As I’m hanging the clothes out to dry I hear what has to be the most adorable thing on the planet…aside from puppy breath and a baby’s belly laugh. The caretaker’s son has bought a baby goat. The sweet baying noises are too precious for words. I walk over to visit and learn that the little one is named Blanca and is the proud new pet of five year old Kaylin, his granddaughter. Blanca is as precious as as she sounds. As I walk away from my sweet visit I silently pray that Blanca won’t end up on the dinner table. If she does, little Kaylin will need therapy for a good long time.

To finish my day I walked the farm and ran out of hands as I gathered lemons from the orchard, salad fixings from the greenhouse and eggs from our girls in the chicken coop. I’ll have to figure out a way to push a shopping cart around to gather my goods pretty soon.

Loving the farm life!!

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  1. Jeannine Henry says:

    Get a little red wagon to pull and gather your goodies. Works great.

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